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How to Win Child Custody

The Definitive Strategy Guide
to Winning Custody

By Steven Carlson, The Custody Coach®

Testimonials & Book Reviews
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Dean Tong, MSc. - How to Win Child Custody book review

"I have perused Steve Carlson's E-Book "How to Win Child Custody." It is well-written, timely and chock-full of great information for everyone from the lay child custody litigant, to pro se'er, to experienced attorney and to parenting coordinator. While it is mainly geared toward California law much of Steve's advice does apply to all 50 states. I highly recommend it. Too bad it wasn't written 20 years ago when I was going through my own contentious custody battle."

Dean Tong, MSc., Forensic Trial Consultant, Published Author, Speaker, Expert, Author of Elusive Innocence, Ashes to Ashes... Families To Dust, Don't Blame ME, Daddy

Jayne a. Major, Ph.D. - How to Win Child Custody book review

"When traveling the rapids of family law court, educating yourself is the best strategy available. How to Win Child Custody will enhance a positive outcome in a family law child custody case. This practical guide is loaded with valuable information that anyone involved in family law court needs. How to Win Child Custody will save money and more importantly help parents achieve their goal of how to successfully share their children."

Jayne A. Major, Ph.D., Parenting Education Expert, Published Author Breakthrough Parenting Services, Inc., Author of Breakthrough Parenting: Moving Your Family from Struggle to Cooperation

Linda Nielsen, Ph.D. - How to Win Child Custody book review

"A practical, up-to-date resource for divorced parents who want to remain actively involved in their children's lives. Fathers and daughters will inevitably benefit from Mr. Carlson's clear headed, insightful guidebook."

Linda Nielsen, Ph.D., Professor of Women's Studies and Adolescent Psychology at Wake Forest University, Published Author Doctorate in Educational and Adolescent Psychology, Master's Degree in Counseling, President of American Coalition for Fathers & Children (ACFC), Author of How to Motivate Adolescents (Prentice Hall), Adolescence: A Contemporary View (Harcourt Brace), Embracing Your Father: Creating the Relationship You Want with Your Dad

Amy J. L. Baker, Ph.D. - How to Win Child Custody book review

"This is a very well written and well organized primer for parents dealing with a contested child custody case. The book should provide parents with the information they need to become familiar with the entire process and to make informed choices as they progress through their case."

Amy J. L. Baker, Ph.D., Researcher, Published Author, PAS Expert Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Teachers College of Columbia University, Director of Research at the Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection of the New York Foundling, 45+ Peer-Reviewed Publications, Over 15 Years Experience in Conducting Research into Parent-Child Relationships, Author of Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome (2007)

Kelly Y. Chang, Attorney At Law - How to Win Child Custody book review

"This is the most comprehensive child custody book for laymen out there. Steve does a great job analyzing a custody case strictly from a legal perspective, and is incredibly thorough. I am a practicing family law attorney in Los Angeles. I only wish other family attorneys and litigants would read Steve's book - it would make my job easier. He knows more than most attorneys. This is definitely an essential buy."

Kelly Chang Rickert, Attorney at Law, California State Bar Certified Family Law Specialist, Family Law Attorney, Divorce Mediator in Los Angeles, California

SPARC - How to Win Child Custody book review

"The 'How to Win Child Custody' book by Steven Carlson is an excellent, practical guide to divorce and custody issues that would serve any parent well. Affordable and well-written, it would be a valuable tool at twice the price. 'Highly Recommended'"

SPARC - Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center

"I've spent tens of thousands on attorneys but Steven Carlson 'The Custody Coach' is the best money I have spent since my divorce began. The knowledge and insight he has is priceless. The advice and direction he gave me was invaluable. I only wish that I had found him at the beginning."

Dennis Hearne
Oak Hills, Ca

"Thank you, that was a fantastic response, I canít believe it, your book is excellent but your service to my problem was fantastic, I really appreciate it."

Dean - Sydney, Australia

"Dear Steve,

Thanks again for your words of wisdom and encouragement on the phone yesterday.

I got off the phone thinking just how far I've come. When I hired you as my custody coach, things were looking fairly grim. I was still recovering from my bogus arrest on domestic violence charges, false accusations of molestation and a very hostile ex-wife. I found your name through Google and eventually hired you because I was DESPERATE. I didn't know how valuable your services would prove to be for me not only emotionally but also in helping me turn my case around. I am now enjoying 50% custody of my daughter on an every other week basis.

Upon our first meeting, I shared with you my concerns re: my attorney. At $350 an hour, he was still largely unavailable and seemed very disinterested in my daughter's well being. Our first meeting yielded me some wonderful ideas on how to prepare for a custody evaluation. Additionally, you were able to help me see the forest through the trees. often times, my ex-wife would try and bait me into losing my temper or make a foolish mistake. Speaking with you, helped me to avoid these potential disasters and gave me the strength to carry through with my mission to obtain 50% custody of my daughter (who turned six today).

Unlike my attorney you were remarkably available. In fact, often times, you seemed to drop whatever you were doing and spend with me as much time as I felt was necessary to vent and strategize. During the divorce process, money becomes like monopoly money. Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent without much tangible gain. Your coaching relationship was clearly the most cost effective and paid the highest dividends. I appreciate your ability to relate to the situations I am going through being that you are a father yourself who has been there.

Divorce is difficult. In fact, going through this was by far the hardest thing I've endured. Having you as my coach, helped me feel that no matter what mean spirited tactic my wife pulled out, I was never alone and would eventually come out okay. Now that the divorce is finalized, there continue to be situations arising. My ex-wife is angry and continues to coach my daughter and engage in a difficult manner.

I plan on continuing your valuable services and would refer you without reservation to any parent going through a difficult divorce and custody battle. Thanks again for your continued support, dedication and insight."

Eric - Los Angeles, California

"Child Custody Coach's services far exceeded my expectations! With Steve's help, I managed to get 40% time share with my young 14-month old son despite a long distance between residences. I definitely could not have done it without The Custody Coach's help. He helped me develop a strategic plan, save on legal costs and, most of all, shared his vast knowledge and insight into my newly-changed life with my son. I highly recommend Steve's services to any dad dealing with divorce and child custody issues."

Huntington Beach, CA

"After my divorce I was stuck with only seeing my kids every other weekend, plus summer vacations. Several years after the fact, once I got back on my feet, I decided to initiate post-judgment action against my ex-wife, to essentially get my kids back. I found Steve on the internet, and luckily for me, he was local, as I live in Southern California. I hired Steve, and through his recommendations I immediately saw results. In March '04 I started my case, and in August of the same year I had my kids back. Of course there were hefty attorney's fees involved and a 730 Evaluation also, but with his coaching he really helped to make a difference in my case. I highly recommend his services to any Dad who feels he is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to divorce and custody."

MB, Irvine Ca.


You are not going to believe this, but nothing short of a miracle has happened. My wife and I decided not to get a divorce. After the mediation (which I had prepared a 1 1/2 inch thick binder based on your recommendations) we talked after ward and realized we do not want the courts telling us what to do with our children. That discussion led to how much we both love the kids and the realization what we have put them through.

As a result, it rekindled a realization that we still have love for each other and desire to work through our issues so that we can honor God by keeping our marriage together, and keeping our family together.

Thank you for your help, it was probably the most influential and knowledgeable part of my custody objectives.

Sacramento, Ca

"Child Custody Coach is a "must read" for any parent involved in a divorce involving children. I went through 7 long, expensive years of divorce litigation and bitter custody battle before I found Steven's most valuable site. I only wished I had found his site sooner. I have personally been chewed up and spit out by the legal system and had I had these tips, I would have had saved thousands of dollars, and had much better success and not taken advantage of by attorneys. I found the information about attorneys to be very enlightening and have found thru very painful and expensive experience all this to be so true. If you ever felt your attorney was not telling you the "whole" story, Steven will enlighten you.

His informative web site, as well as his coaching and providing me with additional information that helped me make "informed" decisions about my case has been extremely helpful. He has always been very prompt in his responses to me, in fact many times they are immediate. His abilities to navigate the web and provide me with links to the information pertinent to my case are impressive.

I have found Steven's coaching and knowledge of the legal system to be invaluable. I still am using his coaching, and believe his services could save many from spending excessive legal fees with attorneys, avoid traps in the legal system of divorce & custody proceedings, as well as empowering the client to take charge of their case and its direction and educate them about the process.

I have recommended Steven's services and will continue to. Using his services before the start (as well as during) of custody or divorce litigation will save significant money and is "cost effective" compared to excessive talks with your attorney at $300 dollars an hour and provide you with the support, education and guidance one must have to navigate this field of land mines."

Kathie Lustig

"This is a testimonial to 'Child Custody Coach' and in particular and in particular Steven Carlson. I found that for a person that is not an Attorney, and cannot give out legal advice he is extremely knowledgable in regards to what you have working in your favor that you would never even think about. Most of us that have been cut off from our children tend to get tunnel vision and only think about the fact that we are being kept from our child or children. In my case being disabled and unable to afford an Attorney I wrote and emailed to literally 50 Attorney's, Law Schools, Paralegals, Legal Aid and even Judges to find one that would take a case pro-bono. Doesn't happen. Then I came across Steven and Child Custody Coach. I can't tell you enough how a phone call by a person that isn't a Lawyer can help so much by giving common sense advice as well as how to make a plan of action and follow through with it. If I ever have any friends in my position, and I hope I don't Steven is the one I will put them in touch with, even before an attorney."

Richard J. Smith - Ohio


I have been meaning to drop you a note of Thanks. I got your product in April reviewed it front to back many times to get comfortable enough to apply it to my court case in August 2009.

There is no doubt doing this allowed me to focus on the facts and make a clear plan for the trial. At first I was going in Pro se. After getting hit with some technical standard procedure from the other side I opted to get an attorney. Having your advance knowledge it allowed me to provide my attorney good information and me following right along. Sometimes I felt so empowered to be prepared for anything. I know all cases are different but fundamentally the same. I went to court that day in August prepared and focused on the facts, "best interest of my child ", "status quo" and stayed with the plan. So how did I do?

I Won! I Won!

Everything I wanted...Joint custody, Residential custody for school purposes and no child support as we are 50/50 split.

My suggestion is to market your product to the "Father Rights Org" as most of the time the fathers need education and direction. Having your information I felt educated, confident and less stressed. The E book worked so well for me. Thanks again.

Feel free to send me a signed picture as you are my new hero......:)"

Dominic Merante
New York

"As a layperson and devoted parent, being blind sided with a custody case, has been the most overwhelming, helpless feeling of my life. I highly recommend, before hiring any representation, to buy Steve Carlson's "How To Win Child Custody". This book guarantees to be the best investment you will make to gain knowledge of the necessary steps to take in order to begin the process logically and with knowledge. This book will definitely save you time, money and frustration, as it speaks in laymen's terms and will define so much information that your attorney will never explain. When I purchased the book, and started reading the first chapter, I felt like a light bulb went off and that finally someone understood the frustration I was going through and finally had sound, direct, advice on how to proceed step by step.

In addition, Steve's extensive experience with attorneys, and evaluators makes his coaching invaluable for thorough case preparation. Between his experience, knowledge, and genuine sincerity, Steve has made a huge impression on restoring my faith in anyone involved in the legal field. What a great service, Steve! Thank You"

Anne - Los Angeles, California

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